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The Owner

Star Chappell is the owner and chef. She is originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She has been a successful restaurateur for over 30 years, and The Cabana is her third restaurant. She considers it her greatest accomplishment. Cooking and creating is her passion. Her love of cooking began when she was a child. Most children want to be a nurse or teacher, but she always dreamed of owning her own restaurant. This was much to the dismay of her father, who was a firm believer of higher education. When she began skipping school to work in a restaurant he warned her to buckle down, excel in school or she would be slinging hash in a greasy spoon for the rest of her life.

He also taught her to work hard, make sacrifices, and never lose sight of her dreams. That part she understood.

She traveled around the country and lived in Europe before settling down in a small southern town. She is self taught and brought with her these experiences. She opened The Cabana in 1996, and one year later she opened the Storm Cellar Wine and Cigar Bar. Cabana was awarded the South Carolina Beef Backer Award in 2013. She thanks all of her patrons who have helped make cabana a success, and invites those who have not yet tried The Cabana to allow us the pleasure to serve you.

Her father's words still echo in her ears and she smiles. "Cabana is her spoon - her silver spoon."